The RideShare Hotline Team!

Each of us are fully committed to helping you achieve your best!

Hamed Yazdi

Managing Partner

Hamed brings with him years of experience in the RideShare space and has helped countless people “make their own luck” within the RideShare Hotline platform.

Dean Robinson

Chief Technology Officer

Dean is responsible and fully committed to bringing the best in technology and training to the RideShre Hotline platform. Also, as a Driver himself Dean knows the ins and outs of the rideshare program and brings a high level of knowledge to the table.

Jonnie Cohen

Managing Partner

Jonnie brings a fun and charismatic approach to the RideShare hotline platform. As one of the most successful drivers and recruiters in the industry his level of expertise translates into added value for each of our members.

Giving Back Through RidShare Hotline

rideshare program


I have learned so much through RideShare Hotline! I got started driving for LYFT in January 2016 and haven’t looked back. Dean, Hamed and Jonnie have been great to work with!

Lucia Penelope LFYT Driver & Single Mom

Driving for Uber has honestly changed my life. I am able to earn a respectable income while I pursue my dreams as a musician. The RideShare Hotline program has been instrumental in my success. Thanks a million!

Mark Adraison UBER Driver and Musician

I had no idea programs like this even existed. I was able to pick up my new hybrid car within just a couple of days and start earning the following week working for both LYFT and Uber.

Robert Smith Lessee With Breeze

Built for People Just Like You

Our leading income and training program was built from the ground up to help people just like you get started in the RideShare industry easily and effectively.

If you are reading this page we invite you to contact us today to find out just how easy it is to get started and earning money in your spare time or full time. Starting RideShare hotline was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Nothing makes us happier than working with our recruits to help them step into their full potential and take control of their freedom through this one of a kind opportunity.

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