08 Aug 2016

Commuting and Traveling With RideShare

One of the energy saving resources we have as well as one of the oldest systems that has proven to provide various benefits to mankind is Rideshare in other terms carpooling. This is where at least three people share one form of vehicle to go to a certain destination. Either if one uses his or her car, a van, a bus or even a train, this is definitely one of the best alternatives in saving money in terms of transportation.

Those who are more often commuting on a daily basis especially those who are working far would definitely find this a good option. Instead of going to work using their own vehicle, one can save fuel and expense if he or she will be riding with someone who will be going to the same destination as quick as possible and which is more comfortable for the one who owns the car and the passengers as well.

Another advantage of carpooling includes the reduction of too many vehicles present in the road. This will help us all avoid possible traffic congestion and will also allow us all to travel with ease and always be on time. This time around, there will be no excuses with regards to getting stuck in traffic. read more

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21 May 2016

Why Work for Uber, LYFT and Breeze?

Why Work for Uber, Lyft and Breeze

More unconventional ways to make money have cropped up with time. One of the most recent ones is Uber, Lyft and Breeze. These companies provide the everyday driver a chance to make money by picking clients and dropping them at their preferred destinations. They set up a system that allows the driver to log in and pick clients. They also set up a system that allows a client to request a driver. The companies have also set up strategies to ensure that the process is safe and also minimizing incidents that would result from the lack of security. These companies have provided one of the best ways to make money fast and easy with zero experience. Here are some benefits of working with Uber and Lyft.

Extra money in your wallet quickly

The TNCs have made it possible for car owners to make an extra buck fairly quickly. This is a welcomed thought especially with an economy as tight as it is today. Uber drivers are able to make up to $20 a trip. The cost of the trip is measured in miles. Clients that go further will pay more while those that go for short distances pay less.

Work at your own convenience

Drivers do not have to work full time for them to be with the companies. A driver can choose their working hours and login to pick up clients when they are ready. This means that one is able to work as a driver during their free time. The flexible hours give the driver the choice of working or not. read more

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