15 Aug 2016

Benefits of Owning a Hybrid Vehicle

Most people have specific reasons for owning a hybrid vehicle. Whether it is to follow a trend, go green, or find some relief at the gas pump, hybrid owners enjoy a multitude of benefits once they get through the initial investment. The cost of a hybrid vehicle today is much more competitively priced with regular vehicles. While they may be a little more, the prices have certainly come down over the past few years. With this being said, the cost of the vehicle itself is justified by most hybrid owners. There have also been others automotive manufacturers following in the footsteps of the Toyota Prius, adding choice to the hybrid vehicle market. Most manufacturers have at least one model available in a hybrid and the technology has come a long way. Consumer Reports state, however, that the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic Hybrid still account for over 50% of hybrid vehicle sold in this country. Some of the higher end luxury manufacturers have introduced hybrid models which are still high in price but come with advanced technology and unique features.

Financial savings is one of the most popular reasons a driver purchases a hybrid vehicle. Because they are so much more fuel efficient, with some getting up to 50mpg in fuel economy, annual fuel costs add up to hundreds of dollars in savings. Over a few years, this can make back money from the initial investment that could have been slightly more money than regular vehicles of the same model or family. When gas prices spiked dramatically several years ago, even more savings were seen at the gas pump and many hybrid owners were thrilled that their investment had paid off sooner than planned. Hybrid owners can also save money on car insurance. A lot of insurance companies offer instant discounts and lowered premiums simply for owning a hybrid vehicle. Some of these insurance companies have added hybrid vehicle divisions to work specifically with owners who drive green. read more

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01 Aug 2016

Are All Hybrid Cars The Same?

So you’re in the market for a hybrid car and think all hybrids are the same? Better think again as there are a number of different types of hybrid vehicles available and even more on the way. Buyers need to be informed and realize that hybrid vehicles can be drastically different in terms of both technology and the hit to your checkbook. In the following article I will breakdown the different technologies available and help you determine what is best for you.

Full Hybrids

At this point most people would agree that these are the best types of hybrids currently available. They operate using two separate propulsions systems, the internal combustion engine and the electric motor which can work independently of each other. Under certain driving conditions, typically low speed, the car can operate purely on the electric motor. Full hybrids use regenerative braking which takes energy that would normally be lost and uses it to charge the hybrid battery packs.

Full hybrids usually achieve very good fuel efficiency. At this point full hybrids can be more expensive than the other type hybrids cars, but the price should come down as popularity increases.

An example of a full hybrid is the Toyota Prius. read more

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