21 May 2016

How Does RideSharing Work?

Ridesharing: How it Works

It wasn’t until recently that ridesharing has become a hit. Uber, Lyft and Breeze have enjoyed an increased number of partners and clients over the years but not without challenges. These companies have made it possible for car owners to operate taxis using their very own cars to make extra money. The drivers sign up with the companies and are given an app that shows them where clients need to be picked up.

The companies then pay out the drivers through the same system. The clients use an app to find available cabs from the companies and get connected to those unoccupied. The plan is not only convenient but easy as well. A driver will choose to work at their convenience. The idea was set up to help car owners make an extra buck while the clients enjoy convenient and cheaper rides. The companies have grown in leaps and bounds which has created some challenges. This is where Rideshare Hotline comes in. We help our drivers get up and running quickly and without hassle.

Ridesharing actually started after most drivers testified that they had difficulty getting work. Rideshare came in to ease the load by providing carpooling services within these units. Carpooling works on the premise of using the same ride to a destination. The fare is shared among the users making it way cheaper than the standard fee.

Users are now able to log into the platforms and feed in their locations and destinations to generate new business on demand or to get rides on demand. The systems have an algorithm that maps out those that have the same need and time and puts them together for this sole purpose. The car users have to be at the pick-up point at the required time with codes given by the TNCs. These codes allow the driver to get payouts from the rideshare companies speeding up the process of payment. Each rideshare company has its own codes. The codes help the TNCs trace the jobs and make the payouts.

This is a short summary on how Ridesharing works between all of the above companies.

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